Our Services

Myroomstore is a service provider for the hotel industry. We develop and manage individual hotel web shops with the purpose of creating convenience for travelers and increase our hotel partners'‚Äč service and revenue. Myroomstore brings uniqueness in a highly competitive market, and we will revolutionize the way people travel. 

Today, everyone can book their flight and hotel online, but what about what you bring when you travel? There goes a certain amount of time into planning which stores to visit prior to your vacation, which products to purchase – or you might think, “I’ll just buy all the things I need when I get there”. But what if you didn’t have to do any of that? What if, at the same time you booked your hotel, you could visit your hotel's own online shop and browse all the necessities you need to complete your vacation, purchase your products online, travel light, and collect your package on arrival day?  Brilliant!   

Become a partner and Myroomstore takes care of everything. We inform, operate, manage, store, pack and ship all orders made to each individual hotel for FREE. Our partners receive commission on each order delivered and have absolutely no costs. Lean back and watch as Myroomstore takes your hotel to the next level.

Our Process:

1. Register your hotel here 
2. Our team at Myroomstore develop your online store available to all arriving guests
3. API or manual integration of booking system 
4. Have full overview of monthly sales, revenue, and incoming orders through our dashboard/API system

Your guests can now:

1. Order articles from your online shop
2. Collect package in reception on arrival day during check-in.
3. Continue shopping throughout their stay at your hotel. 
4. Enjoy their vacation time to the fullest!
4. Call Myroomstore customer service line 24/7 for questions. Available in english, spanish, german, bulgarian, french and Russian.

Happy customers makes returning customers! Create convenience for your customers now with Myroomstore.com! 

For more information, please contact us at office@myroomstore.com



We at MyRoomStore.com are dedicated to satisfy and exceed passengers’ demands for more relevant, valuable and convenient products, offered to them at the right time and place.

Join us now and create convenience for your guests!