About us

Myroomstore was established in 2016 in Stavanger, Norway as the first and only company to launch individual hotel web shops where all travellers can pre-order products online and have them delivered on arrival day or during stay at hotel destination. Our vision is to be the leading international operator of online hotel web shops.

Market trends are rapidly moving towards e-commerce and omni-channel solutions where technology is making the everyday life for ordinary people simple and convenient. Today, free time is not only a luxury but it also has a price tag. Our main mission is to create convenience for all tourist and travellers by establishing a platform where everyone can pre-order what they need while traveling, and fully enjoy free time with friends and family. We also seek to optimize our partners' operational efficiency by increasing their level of service and earnings. 


We at MyRoomStore.com are dedicated to satisfy and exceed passengers’ demands for more relevant, valuable and convenient products, offered to them at the right time and place.

Join us now and create convenience for your guests!